Do Your Research Before Renting A Home

With the current housing market, previous home owners are now renting more than ever. The chances of renting a home that’s within the foreclosure process or illegally being rented by a criminal pretending to be the owner have increase greatly. Here’s a couple of things to help identify potential issues when renting a property.

Verify that the person you are signing the contract with is the actual owner.

Complete a “Record Search” on the Property Appraisers site for the county that the home is located within. This will allow you to identify the owners name, and verify if the last years property tax bill has been paid.

Orange County (Florida)

  1. Property Search
  2. Record Search

Seminole County(Florida)

  1. Record Search

Verify if the home is being foreclosed on.

Check with the county clerk of courts website and you should be able to tell if there is a foreclosure action on record for the owner(s) of the property you are interested in renting.

Orange County (Florida)

  1. Official Records
  2. Search Records

Seminole County (Florida)

  1. Official Record Search
  2. Official Record Search

If you are looking into a property that is listed in another county than the ones mentioned above, try using the following format to search (Google) for your county offices.

“Your County” Property Appraiser

“Your County” Comptroller Office

ex. Brevard County Property Appraiser

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